Increase efficiency of fleet via managing and tracking fuel cost, breakdown, maintenance planning, scheduling

Integrated HVI app for fleet manager to keep multiple teams in sync and manage effective communication among team members including operators, drivers, mechanic, supervisors, office admin, fleet managers, maintenance managers, safety supervisors.

Solution for fleet manager

What We Do?

The service we offer is specifically designed for equipment fleet manager.

Inspection platform, HVI app empower fleet management team to achieve inspection process transformation.

Monitoring teams at Infrastructure company head offices achieve greater control, clarity, and full information visibility in real-time of equipment, vehicle and earthmoving assets across multiple project sites.

  • Daily equipment and vehicle inspection details are stored in an organized way.
  • All remote project sites connected via Mobile apps.
  • Improve overall performance of project site equipment fleet
  • Works with and without an internet connection
  • System sends daily email on overall faults reported
  • Get daily asset deployment report directly from each site
  • Fully eliminating errors in the inspection process management
  • Maintenance planning team quickly alerted of any faults or defects
  • Streamlined and well documented process of keeping assets healthy
  • Cloud based centrally store all your Inspection and maintenance data
  • Easy tracking on reported Faults vs corrective action performed
construction machinery management

Improve assets and machine availability by using Maintenance management software provided by HVI App.

Automated reports generation to track all the progress, parts consumption. Weekly report delivery on overall maintenance activities, net maintenance cost in the week.

  • Extending asset life.
  • Reduce workorder backlog.
  • Eliminate unplanned asset downtime
  • Data tracking of maintenance history
  • Lower your asset Maintenance cost
  • Reduce Long-Term Equipment Expenses
  • Meet Safety and Compliance Standards
  • Integrated digital information on repairs

Logbook - Daily project progress tracking

Infrastructure project “Daily project progress tracking” details related to labor, equipment, materials, and more, daily log software features in HVI app allow foremen and project managers to easily enter and review this information from anywhere, anytime.

Daily project overview reports, consumption statics and ensure Realtime information on various projects across multiple sites. Mobile app enabled solution is easy to use at remote locations with or without internet. End of the day reporting automation saves lot of time and manual processing with accurate data collection from each project site.

Effective monitoring technology for Remote project sites. Very simple to use Mobile apps to collect key project execution and progress information. Back-office team is empowered with accurate, real-time and detailed information to ensure effective decision making. The HVI platform has ready to use connectors for SAP ERP, Salesforce and many more enterprise software.

Dashboard for fuel insights
Fuel Card Integration Automated Fuel MIS reports

Improve Asset Utilization based on Daily MIS Reporting and KPI's

To optimize the performance of vehicle assets and drivers, every component of your fuel monitoring system needs to work together efficiently and accurately.

  • Get full insight of fuel with charts and trends
  • Detect fuel wastage & theft
  • Plan technical maintenance to keep fleet in good condition
  • Maximize efficiency to remain competitive

Company Facts

Cutting edge data driven insights delivery from HVI cloud platform based on manual data collected from all team using mobile apps and easy integrations.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Reduce downtime by

Increase Machine life by

Overall productivity increase by


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“The real-life, real-time data and more accurate job costing. There is just one place where everyone can look and have all their information.”

Fleet Manager

“Very positive, highly recommend to any user looking to automate fuel management, get real time access to data, see live what is going on in the operation, and provide detailed audit info for data that relates to your business.”

General Manager

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