Purchase Management process optimization for spare parts

HVI APP is specifically designed to resolve the challenge of multiple site procurement information tracking using simple to use Mobile apps.

Purchase Order Management Software
Integrate with finance Software
Fuel Card Integration Automated Purchase Order consolidated reports

Purchase lifecycle from multiple location teams coordinating spare parts purchasing and effective tracking on overall purchase process.

  • Spare part Demand collection from across the projects, teams, assets
  • Approval from manager and asking quotes from vendors/ sites
  • Preparing purchase requisition
  • QC check on arrival and conducting spare parts receipt in inventory
  • Placing a purchase order and tracking the delivery of it
  • Part inventory quantity updated
Importance of Purchase Order System

Key aspects of software

A few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

  • Establish end-to-end visibility to Prevent Fraud
  • Track accountability in delays like lack of approvals/ misappropriations
  • Bring transparency in overall purchase process
  • Integrated workflow from request, to PR, to PO, to delivery, to use in Machines
  • Track warranty claims and life cycle tracking of purchased material
  • Reduce overall purchase cost due to optimized methods
  • Faster delivery of material/ spare parts to requestors
  • SLA tracking on delays and issues and impact on other teams
Purchase Order Dashboard

Streamline the complete process of purchasing with centralised system.

Purchase team accountability is continuously tracked and audited by Artificial intelligence and Machine learning algorithms to ensure due purchase process is followed. HVI procurement audit system delivers flagged data reports to management on routine basis.

HVI App does data correlations to track the vendor performance across multiple areas to identify and flag purchase requisitions. Many custom workflow can be applied to optimize the procurement process and save money to your company.

Breakdowns and unplanned maintenance prolong due to lack of spare parts delivery on time. This delay causes business loss because required spare parts/ material could not available faster. HVI App does speed up the overall purchasing cycle because of use of Mobile apps across entire purchase process.

Here are just some of the benefits of HVI APP's Purchase Order Managemant System

Save time and hassle with digital POs

Centralize complete purchasing management

Track order status and improve fulfillment


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“The real-life, real-time data and more accurate job costing. There is just one place where everyone can look and have all their information.”

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“Very positive, highly recommend to any user looking to automate fuel management, get real time access to data, see live what is going on in the operation, and provide detailed audit info for data that relates to your business.”

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