How Digital Transformation Reduce Infrastructure & Construction Project Costs?

Fleet manager role has evolved over the years to a multitask person with highly collaborative skills in administrating the fleet purchase, management and coordination of company work compliances vehicles.

For the company, reducing fleet operations costs & maintenance cost, fleet availability & planning improving fuel efficiency, ensuring personnel safety compliances, and evaluating government regulation compliance are key trackers of a successful fleet manager. The role keeps expanding as more is expected from fleet managers in today’s competitive business scenarios.

Role of Fleet Managers: -

  • During an infrastructure & construction project, the fleet manager decides which vehicles need to go in which working site & location, based on each type of work.
  • Digging projects need excavators and bulldozers, while road work projects require graders and pavers. Fleet Managers sets up the transportation of the vehicles to and from a work site, takes care of proper storage and housing of vehicles, and manages the fuel consumption for the vehicles. This is quite an effortful work that includes multiple phone communication, emails, chat methods and manual paperwork to keep track of day 2-day operations need. On top of it, there are unplanned issues appear on daily basis, either equipment breakdowns, injuries at work site, compliance issues address and legal record keeping protecting business from litigations.

Although, this work is very time consuming and lot more coordination from fleet manager require to keep all teams on same page and maintain equipment and vehicles at optimal use with proper efficiency & much planning vs productivity combination. A continuous attention of fleet manager on various tasks reduces the effectiveness as a person. It makes stressful work environment and take away time to be more productive. The technology is big friend of modern fleet managers who would like to do smart work and create more value for the company and manage better quality life for themselves.

If you are looking for an inclusive app, one that covers all of the bases. This is it. As a fleet manager i know all details from inspections, work-orders, parts management, maintenance schedules, fuel tracking, incident reports and vehicle inventory; this is an all in one package. Easy to learn, use and customize. We are very pleased with the product. Give it a trial run.

Gary Mitchell - Fleet Manager

Digital Transformation empowers all team members of a fleet manager. The information flow is taken care by Mobile apps and automatic reports created for fleet manager on routine tasks.

Approaches for fleet managers: -

  • what is fleet inspection status for today?
  • How many vehicles, equipment got inspected before deployed to work?
  • Are there any breakdowns, fault reports or issues informed by operators, drivers, supervisors
  • How many fleet assets are in maintenance state?
  • Who is working on them?
  • What are the action items for me out of all daily fleet activities happening?
  • Are there any pending approvals of spare parts purchases, maintenance approvals etc.
  • What is net fuel consumption today across the project sites?
  • What is the net day productivity across the project sites against overall fleet operations.
  • Are there any compliance or safety issues reported?
  • How my overall end of day fleet manager report looks like?

Above questions take up entire day for a typical fleet manager in traditional approach but modern fleet managers deploy digital technology to connect everyone across equipment fleet logistic, maintenance management, procurement of spare parts, planning of fleet deployment and office admin to a one connected digital information layer empowered by HVI.APP.

Automated processes and digitized recordings of these activities and tasks are already taking place, but many businesses are still facing huge gaps in regards to the gathering and processing of their data. A major information flow is automated among team members with workflows, notifications and cross collaboration on real-time basis via mobile app. This paperless record keeping, safely kept in cloud with PDF reports, and option to have in office printable hard copy records makes. A large amount of data must still be entered manually for further processing in digital tools and business backends, for example for vehicle inspections, customer registration, parking management and fleet management.

By using HVI mobile app solution for fleet management processes fully digitized and automated. With the power of AI & ML, it is possible to vehicle inspections and fleet management processes are easily automated. Easy GPS fleet tracking by predictive and preventive analytics on real-time.

In this way Heavy Vehicle Inspection and Management software is one of the most crucial software solutions in the global fleet industry segment. HVI is the best mobile app solution to monitor fleet, regular inspection monitoring and scheduling in improvising the industry benefits and utilization rates. Fleet managers are ready to manage in an effective manner through HVI solution with maximized revenue and high-end productivity.

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