Indian Infrastructure, EPC Industry Improve Transparency, cuts theft & paper work on fuel with HVI Fuel Management Advance Digital Solution

Digital Transformation in Fuel Cost Tracking and record keeping

About the Project

Fuel management is the backbone of any organization, which is why it's important for them to have effective and efficient systems that can help them save money and track their fuel cost trends.

We will also see how HVI.APP have helped organizations get effective solutions to deal with managing fuel logs, fuel tracking, fuel theft, and more within a company or business.

  • Date

    15 Nov 2022

  • Objective

    Fuel Management

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Fuel is one of the biggest operating expense for the heavy equipment operations companies and transportation businesses. Need to be complete solution to reduce fuel theft and reducing manhour fuel entry to create a quick MIS report.

Solutions History

Fuel management , HVI app monitors the vehicle mileage during every fuel entry based on number of kilometre runned and no of hour runned from previous meter reading and current meter reading. if there is any deviation from standard norm, then fuel theft is identified. This way fuel theft can reduced by 64% and all monthly fuel consumption on each vehicle report is download with in fraction of seconds and eliminates human manual work for generating report.


  • Fuel Financial Cost Tracking
  • Fuel Consumption and Utilization
  • Prevent Fuel Theft
  • Dip Reading Reconciliation

Guaranteed Benefits

Reduce Fuel Theft - Track and reduce fuel theft upto 64% by implementing integrated HVI mobile app solution.

Automated MIS Report - No more waiting on manual record keeping, HVI app does automatic matching of fuel entries to fuel tank levels and creates daily fuel report for the management.

Fuel Consumption - We are already crossed limit 96% fuel optimization by reducing fuel theft upto 64% and placing fuel consumption record digitally by reducing paperwork. Report consumption report can be created from anywhere-anytime.

Real Time Dashboard - View top-level metrics on a dashboard, helping you keep tabs on fuel patterns at-a-glance. Improve accuracy and reduce time to insight with a modern fuel management solution.